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              DC INTERNATIONAL STROKE REHABILITATION SERVICES BANGALORE  is the first of it’s kind state of the art facility solely dedicated to stroke   affected survivors is built keeping the unawareness of stroke and its condition in the people as a subject and there by educating them with the proper materials and guidance with justifying proofs.
              The centre has been established to rehabilitation facility ( physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, CIMT BRAIN STROKE REHABILITATION ). The facility for the Brain stroke rehabilitation management has been given more importance along with other rehabilitation facility.


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                The centre is well designed and dedicated to the field of rehabilitation and is on par or even better than rehabilitation centre of many major hospitals. The state-of the- art equipments and advanced techniques are provided.

                Adequate space, friendly and homely environment are the other congenial features of the centre, every patient is considered important and is given total personal attention, children are given the atmosphere of play home.

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                 Our rehabilitation professionals are well qualified and dedicated; during the therapy session even the minor disabilities also given similar attention as that of major disabilities. The major focus is to provide total rehabilitation to the needy and help them to get back to normalcy early and effectively.

                We rehabilitate all kinds of neurological, longterm brain stroke  musculo-skeletal, pediatric and geriatric related problems, we also look into speech and hearing,

                Our major focus is to reach the root problem of the person and to create social awareness among them; this will help them to lead a better life